Back to work

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Right now, I work as a substitute teacher, and haven’t had the opportunity to work since mid-December because the schools have been out. They’re reopening, but I just don’t quite feel like I’m back in the frame of mind to go back. Perhaps it’s the fact that my Circadian rhythms are shot, because the work itself tends to be mindless. Classroom teachers tend to leave the most uncomplicated lesson plans possible, especially at the non-elementary level. (Working in elementary classrooms does require quick wits and, generally, liberal doses of patience, improvisation, and creativity). I think it’s mostly that I am very much a creature of routine. I fall into routines and don’t like them disturbed. In college, I found that my week to week schedules, apart from what I had to do (i.e. work and classes) tended to become very similar, and this trend has continued here.

I’m comfortable enough, but I know it doesn’t make for that ambitious of a life. That’s why I’d like to eventually find somewhere else to live, perhaps on one of the coasts. The Midwest is nice enough, but I know there’s more out there.


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