Rushing to place blame for today’s shooting

Posted: January 8, 2011 in news

I don’t want this to become a political blog, but I’ve been thinking a lot today about the response to the shooting in Arizona. Once I heard about it, I knew people would rush to shift the blame around, or to deflect it from themselves. We can talk all we want about how the current political climate may or may not have fostered this, but we just don’t know what inspired this, and it was thankfully an isolated incident. Some people have directly blamed some well known political commentators/figures for their rhetoric, some of which uses violent metaphors. While I do think that using violent metaphors in political discourse (“be armed and ready to fight against ____”, “target ____”, etc. are very much a negative thing for America, there isn’t really any evidence yet that the guy who did this was directly inspired by Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann or any of the other names I’ve heard thrown out there. What we do know about this guy suggests that his political influences were far more fringe than any of these. I’m not a fan of Beck, Palin, nor Bachmann, and all three of them have made statements that terrify me, but a key difference is that none of them want to completely dismantle the United States society as it is. This seems like the kind of guy who would.

If I were a parent of the 9 year old child who was shot today, I would be upset that an incident that took my child’s life was turning into nothing more than political ammunition. People can find anything to attack; for right now, can we just let the families who lost their loved ones mourn in peace?

  1. Stefanie Nichols says:

    I think it’s a newsworthy event, being that it’s not something that happens everyday and America has the right to know what’s happening at public events for their own safety and the safety of their families. I do agree that the families affected should be allowed to mourn, and they will be, I’m sure. I would assume that they’re leaving their TV’s off in order to avoid the coverage. I know I would.

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