Lazy Sunday

Posted: January 16, 2011 in sports

This weekend wasn’t too eventful. I went to Culver’s tonight for dinner and the NFL playoffs game between the Jets and the Patriots was on the TVs there. Some of the employees kept stopping by the TV for extended looks, and one of them actually asked me about what was going on. I’m not judging; I remember when I worked dorm security in college and often took extended stops at TVs showing sporting events while doing my rounds throughout the building. I know very well the frustrating feeling of being scheduled while something you want to watch is on (and I didn’t have TiVo-type technology in college.)

Technically, more than two months remain in winter, although by mid-March, it doesn’t really seem like it should be winter. I think April is my favorite month – baseball returns, and it finally starts to be somewhat warm on some days – and I can go for long walks without realizing that I’m too cold to continue five minutes in. The first day of the year when you can wear shorts is glorious. Of course, in college, I actually could wear shorts every day if I wanted – working, not so much. There’s always when I get home, though.

When you become a substitute teacher, they give you some newsletters, and one of them gives you some up-to-date literature they recommend you read – it’s stuff popular with kids and teens, and supposedly gives you something to relate to students with. One of the recommendations was the Hunger Games series, and after seeing the first book available for $5 to download to my electronic book reader, I decided to give it a try. I actually enjoyed it, knowing all the time that it was as close to serious literature as Adam Sandler comedies are to Oscar material (and that I’d read so many books with similar premises – set in the future with an authoritarian government, etc.). Still, I now know why they price the first books of series so low. I’ve already bought the second one.


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