Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I didn’t expect to be working on Wednesday, as I hadn’t found a job the previous night, and expected to simply sleep in. However, I got a call shortly after 8; a teacher at the high school I went to had to go to the hospital, and a substitute was immediately needed. I was glad that I got to work that day, because today was a snow day. I’d estimate we got over half a foot of snow here on Wednesday evening, and it’s forecast to snow more tomorrow (though not nearly as much as on Wednesday afternoon). Depending on how much it ends up snowing, I’d like to go to a chess tournament about two and a half hours away on Saturday. That also depends on how much energy I have, of course.

The coffee maker I got for Christmas has become very useful. Making a couple cups in the morning and putting it in a portable cup is a lot more practical (and cheaper) than stopping at a convenience store on the way to work every morning. Few things put me in a good mood in the morning like black coffee.


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