The supercomputer on Jeopardy

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was reading an article about the supercomputer that has been appearing (and winning) on Jeopardy. I realized that I was going for the humans, because the idea of a computer being able to beat us seems scary. (I also remember going for the human when they were having the human-computer chess championship a few years back).

However, what’s really so scary about that? We’ve long been okay with the fact that computers can do math problems faster than we can. Even though answering Jeopardy questions is a different type of intelligence, it’s not “real” intelligence and is completely dependent on what’s plugged into it. The computer can fail spectacularly.

I wonder if some people are worried that computers will develop minds of their own and try to take over the human race, but I don’t see that as plausible outside of movies/books. It makes for a nice science fiction plot, but I see no reason to think it would ever happen.

Either way, I’m irritated at myself because I forgot that was going to be on TV tonight. I’ll have to record it tomorrow night and watch. This also reminds me of my lifetime dream of appearing on a game show. I did appear on a quiz show that aired on local TV in college (and won it), but I’d like to go on a national game show. Maybe someday…


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