I’m a recent college graduate who has lived in the Midwest my entire life and would like to leave at some point.

I have two pet rats, Nicolas and Wesley. I like coffee (black, please), chess, and wordplay.  I am a Christian (American Baptist). My reading interests include economics, baseball, history, and rock music.

My blog name is a reference to Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, a cycle of short stories published in 1919. The central character in the book is a young man who has lived in a small town all his life and comes to realize that, while he has had many interesting experiences in the town, he needs to leave to reach the full potential of his life. Even though I grew up in a far more suburban environment (and nearly a full century after Winesburg’s publication), I immediately identified with Winesburg upon first reading it in high school.

Other websites I like:

http://www.acrochallenge.com : An interactive word-based game that I’ve been playing for years.

http://www.christianthinktank.com : One of the greatest Christian philosophers of modern time.

http://www.gameknot.com : My favorite place to play chess online.


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